Certifié Biologique par Ecocert
et Bio Dynamie par DEMETER


The 4-hectare 42-are estate is located across 6 villages MARDEUIL, VAUCIENNES, EPERNAY MOUSSY, PIERRY 1er Cru and AY Grand Cru.

My philosophy is as following: one should not engage in organic viticulture just for the logo, but rather because one really wants to do it, understanding the vegetal world, asking the right questions.

One needs an ethos and pay attention to what one does for the terroir.

All the natural treatments I may carry out in the vineyard and all wine manipulations in the cellar are based on a very important lunar calendar.

I am sometimes called an herbalist, because I work and treat with plants. These are simple deeds, which do not cost anything else but time and observation, and they work.

The seasons guide us to which plants to use, we find them walking around.

One needs to have a bond with one’s terroir. A global vision is necessary, all the while working case per case, because each plot is an entity. Every plant which grows there has its reason. This allows us to read the land and the soil.